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SPACE Sketches From A Dialogue

A Poem For Miles Davis

Miles Davis found The space between notes

To do his work

Said that’s where the music is

Anybody can play the notes

But that space

Defines what's around it Like negative space in a painting

Sets that shit up man

Frames it

Gives you time to think

To move around

Like a trek across the Sahara

Thirsty as hell, shit Going on in your mind hallucinations

Visions, fine women, death Encounters with God

The next oasis shimmering

in your head

you arrive like a country boy first

seeing New York

like what we did on Kind of Blue Flamenco

Sketches I laid down the melody

Those crystal clear lines

Dancing on the edges of snow flakes

Creating tension

Took it to the brink, you know

That eternal moment just before orgasm

Set it up for Coltrane

Coltrane blows in like a hurricane

Running notes, 16ths so fast seemed Like wholes 

whole’s so fast seemed like bars

Eliminated the space stacked notes on notes

Played that shit all at one time

Did the same shit on Green Dolphin Street

Blurred one reality Creating another

That’s how he got them sheets of sound

That created new space

Space where the notes should have been

revolutionized music

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