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A Poem For Sun Ra

Icarus lost control of his senses

Flew to close to the sun

With predictable results

He encountered the earth post haste

We, would suffer no such fate

As we sat with waxed wings

Waiting the rising of the sun

Heralded by the drums, hailed by the chant

floating in on bells, waves of awe

and anticipation

Sun Ra and his intergalactic Arkistra

touched down, having bid farewell to

the moons of Jupiter just moments before

Entered the room dressed in full regale

pyramid hats, sequins, iridescent and

African print shirts, gowns, chain metal

armor and rainbow tinted halos

orbiting their heads, like the rings Saturn

which glowed in their eyes reflecting

their celestial journey, while predicting ours

Took their place on the bandstand

jumped knee deep into the Ellington

big band jazz, a freight train at midnight

blowing full throttle,

through a small Georgia town

powered by the energy of universe

leaving sugar shacks and the uninitiated

shaking in its wake Like a revival meeting on Saturday night

chasing the devil from the congregation

they chased the fatigues of the day

and perhaps our lives from our spirits

and our souls leaving us born anew

The band rocked, rolled, swung and swayed

the old church rocked, then teetered

on its foundation shaken to its rafters it threw open it’s doors

said “yea

the Sun also rises at night

and what a glorious sight he is”

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